BIO: Muscle Energy Technique Instructor Tom Ockler, PT


Thomas K. Ockler P.T. received his B.S. P.T. from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1978. In his 32 plus years of uninterrupted clinical practice, Tom has focused much of his attention on the correction of somatic dysfunctions using Non-Manipulative Manual Therapy Techniques. He has extensive teaching experience including a month in Australia, throughout the United States and Canada. His background in bio-mechanics along with orthotic fabrication has been integrated with NON-MANIPULATIVE TECHNIQUES to find cures for difficult musculo-skeletal disorders.

In 1999, Tom founded Alternative HealthCare Solutions, a solo practice devoted to the identification and correction of the most stubborn and complicated somatic dysfunctions. His practice draws patients from all over the USA as well as Canada and Europe. As a teacher, Tom has earned the nickname “The Patch Adams of Physical Therapy” due to his unique style of, injecting humor into complicated subjects. He has developed teaching methods that explain very complicated subjects in easily understandable formats. Tom’s four books and two DVDs MET I for Pelvis, Sacrum, Lumbar Spine and Lower Extremities, MET II for Ribs, Upper Extremity, Cervical and Thoracic Spine, MET III: The All External Evaluation and Treatment of Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, and MET IV: Rotten to the Core have been hailed as the most user friendly, useful instructional manuals ever.  To preview or order manuals or DVDs Go to: