Muscle Energy Technique

Muscle Energy Technique is one of the most effective and valuable manual techniques for the identification and correction of somatic asymmetry and hypomobility.  We are pleased to present with Tom Ockler, PT a leader in Muscle Energy Technique education.  PTNW and Tom have teamed together annually to present his often sold out Muscle Energy course series.  M1 and M2 are his most popular courses.  We hope you can join us for this series.


Presenter:  Tom Ockler, PT
Course Dates:  TBD 2019 / 8 am-5 pm
Course Locations:

M1:   Muscle Energy Technique for the Pelvis, Sacrum, Lumbar Spine, and Hip Muscles

M2:  Muscle Energy Technique for the Ribs, Upper Extremity, Thoracic, and Cervical Spine

Registration Fee:
When registering for one course, either M1 OR M2:  
When registering for BOTH M1 AND M2:  

Contact Hours:  M1 16; and M2 16​; Both M1 and M2 32
Who Should Attend:  Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapist Assistants, Athletic Trainers, Licensed Massage Practitioners, and Chiropractors.  All levels of clinical competency are welcome.
Please Note: Courses may be taken in any order i.e.:  M2 or ​​M4 may be taken before M1​.


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Muscle Energy Technique:

Muscle Energy Technique is one of the most effective and valuable manual techniques for the identification and correction of somatic asymmetry and hypomobility. Fred Mitchell Sr. D.O. who is considered one of the patriarchs of Muscle Energy Technique, was a pioneer in forward thinking as he searched to develop an alternative to manipulative therapies. These techniques have been refined over the years and are even more accurate, efficient and effective than in their original form. These techniques can be used immediately to find and correct the causes of all types of pain. These are not cover up procedures, but rather, techniques that cure the problem with dramatic results.

Muscle Energy is based on EVIDENCE BASED NEURO-PHYSIOLOGY that the joints are held out of place by muscles which have too much tone.  The technique positions the joint in the direction of restriction of motion and recalibrates the precise muscle spindles which are holding the bone in a less than optimal position.  The muscle returns to normal resting length, tone and excitability thus allowing the joint to return to the normal position.  By re-calibrating the spindle and correcting the cause of the dysfunction, the techniques will correct all types of biomechanical / orthopedic problems.  Each two-day course involves a mix of theory, demonstration and hands on practice. Actual evaluation and treatments will be performed by each participant using the methods learned.  Plenty of time is allotted for hands on practice as well as questions and discussion.


Feedback from Muscle Energy Attendees

Therapists are known for leaving candid feedback after courses and seminars.  Tom’s courses consistently receive all “very good” and “excellent ratings from attendees.  In addition to multiple choice ratings, he also receives lots of thoughtful and positive written feedback.  We are honored to host such an excellent speaker!  Continue below for a sample of comments… Continue reading Feedback from Muscle Energy Attendees

Muscle Energy Course Objectives

Muscle Energy Technique courses are hands-on, live interactive workshops.  Each course is thoughtfully and meticulously organized so each attendee leaves feeling they understand overall, as well as, minute concepts of Muscle Energy principles and lab techniques.  Tom patiently walks everyone through each objective (12-20 per course) whether attending for the first time or taking as… Continue reading Muscle Energy Course Objectives