Feedback from KT Attendees

Course feedback is in the very good and excellent ranges for all our instructors!®  

“I attended the KT 1 and 2 over the weekend and I loved it. Great course. It was the best live course I have ever attended. Thank you for hosting it.”

“I will be taking KT 3 + 4, this course (KT 1 + 2) was great!”
“Thank you for doing such an amazing job with the courses offered with Professional Therapies NW… I rave about the training to my colleagues, and have tried to send you lots of students :)”

“Greatly enjoyed.  Have been making a list of patients to use these techniques on all weekend.”

“The course was amazing, instructor engaging answered all questions thoroughly.  Very knowledgeable and friendly.  Loved it and will be back for KT 3 and 4.” ​